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We advocate and support initiatives for children and caregivers to ensure a safe and nurturing childhood to those at-risk, abandoned, involved with the Foster Care or Dependency Systems or otherwise endangered or threatened.

Grandparents Step Up, Save Families

Strong coverage by CNN  as part of their “Hero” profiles: André de Toledo, who’s daughter Nikki de Toledo, after years of struggling with depression, killed herself with a prescription drug overdose when she was 27. Nikki didn’t leave a suicide note, but she … Continue reading

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CNN Reports: Number Of Grandparents Raising Grandkids Skyrockets

CNN, citing recent statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau,  reports that in the past two decades, the number of children living with a grandparent has risen 64%. The figures, taken from the latest household relationship module of the Survey of Income … Continue reading

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More Child Left Behind…

Pathetic and scary information via the Washington Post Local website blog: a list of the  forty-three education programs — including those that promote literacy, teacher development and dropout prevention — that have have been targeted for elimination in a Republican-sponsored bill in … Continue reading

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May is National Foster Care Month

May is National Foster Care Month, a time designed to raise awareness about what foster parents do and why they’re needed. According to statistics from the Florida Department of Children and Families, there are just under 19,000 children in out-of-home … Continue reading

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Honor Moms Around the World

This Mother’s Day, and beyond, you can honor the Moms of the world as part of the “To Mama With Love” campaign. Check out the action on Twitter at #tomamawithlove, or join their love bomb team by creating a heartspace in … Continue reading

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Nothing to Smile About

Latest evidence of Florida’s callous disregard for the health and well-being of its children: Florida ranks last in the country in providing dental care for children on Medicaid. In 2008, only 23.5 percent of those enrolled in the program, ages 18 and under, saw … Continue reading

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We Agree: Put Your (Membership) Money Where Your Advocacy Is

Much thanks to our friends @ End Childhood Hunger for allowing us to reprint from their blog site a recent post on the membership campaign at the Children’s Movement of Florida: We’ve written about them a lot, but this is … Continue reading

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