You’ve reached the Kids Have Rights Action Center, the advocacy website of Kids Have Rights. We are a IRS approved 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We advocate and and provide support for kinship placement outside the court system, including counseling, respite care, therapy and other program services and guidance to Kinship Caregivers, as well as the same support for Relative Caregivers who are already involved with the Foster Care or Dependency systems.

Both Kinship Caregivers and Relative Caregivers share a common bond – trying to care for and protect at-risk children. These may be children born to one of their own children or children born to a relative. They must also deal with the issues arising from the removal of the children from the custody of their biological parents, whether on a temporary or permanent basis, either voluntarily or through legal process. Relative Caregivers face unique challenges because they are dealing with often unsympathetic and at times hostile Foster Care and Dependency systems and other state agencies. The stress to Kinship Caregivers and Relative Caregivers can be overwhelming.

We have been where you are and can help you navigate the many issues you are facing or will face as a Kinship Caregiver or Relative Caregiver.

Kids Have Rights works with various state agencies, public and private organizations to formulate processes and procedures to look for and locate family members and relatives who may be willing and able to serve as a viable alternative to the temporary or permanent placement of child in a foster home or shelter. Too many times, family members that may live out of the area or who are estranged from a child or relative are unaware of a child facing removal from their biological parents custody, and are not contacted about potentially intervening to care for the child or children.

Kids Have Rights also works with legislators and advocates at the local and state level in Florida to advocate for shifting the focus of the Foster Care and Dependency systems to recognize Relative Caregivers as the first, and preferred, option for temporary or permanent placement of an at-risk child, and making foster care or sheltering the choice of last resort.

Our goal is to make this site a hub of information, links, conversations and support. Please sign up to follow us and keep informed of our posts in the future, leave us a comment or message, below, or follow our tweets, right.Your tax-deductible donations support the advocacy and programs of Kids Have Rights.   To donate, use the Donate button, right.

Florida Nonprofit Corporation # N09000006931                                                                          Florida Charitable Solicitation License #CH30560


About Kids Have Rights

We advocate and support initiatives for children and caregivers to ensure a safe and nurturing childhood to those at-risk, abandoned, involved with the Foster Care or Dependency Systems or otherwise endangered or threatened.
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2 Responses to Welcome

  1. Congratulations on your new Blog ! Look forward to the new website ! Wayne

  2. Grandmother & Grandson (protected) says:

    DCF sent him back. He begged, I begged. DCF said they wanted proof.

    No one has listened to him or me yet. He is still with his abusive mom and convicted felon boyfriend. Now she hides him from me. No one has helped him and no one has helped me. I live in (—) County, Florida and the judge slapped the abuser on the hands, passed a guilty verdict and sent him out to freedom.

    But DCF and the judges sent my 6 year old grandson back to his nightmare of living with his mother. Who lets the beatings go on. And they help her hide from me. I did their job, exposed the truth, and they merely said thank you and sent him back to her. This is a system that has failed so poorly to our children, and families.

    I failed (—), I can’t fight this system. I ran out of money. Can you help? Help me help a little boy who has no one to fight for him but his mamaw. (—) only wants to come home. I wonder what he thinks of me now.

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